Things Poets Are


Marc Chagall, The Poet, or Three O’ Clock

“For conclusion, I say the philosopher teacheth, but he teacheth obscurely, so as the learned only can understand him; that is to say, he teacheth them that are already taught. But the poet is the food for the tenderest stomachs; the poet is indeed the right popular philosopher.” —Sir Philip Sidney, The Defense of Poesy

A poet is Atlantic and lion in one. While one drowns us the other gnaws us. If we survive the teeth, we succumb to the waves. A man who can destroy illusions is both beast and flood.” —Virginia Woolf, Orlando: A Biography

“… After all, each poet is a walk-in heart filled with world’s whooshing.” —Gwyneth Lewis, The Pier (In memory of Joseph Brodsky), Chaotic Angels


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